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Welcome to Prime Facilities Management LLC.  We provide professional janitorial services in Southern New Hampshire. We specialize in Office cleaning, Commercial cleaning, Medical Office cleaningFinancial Institution and Bank cleaning.  Our cleaning rates are calculated per square foot or flat fee to make it as easy as possible to provide you with efficient quotes.  All cleaning prices include detail-clean rotations and routine site inspections to ensure your peace of mind.  We only hire the best and most experienced cleaners and offer our services to a broad range of businesses.

In the Janitorial Industry we often hear customers complaining about the decreased level of service over the time of a contract.  Initially you feel the service is great then you notice the cleaning crew is emptying the trash, spot vacuuming, and putting out toilet tissue instead of providing the hours and services you were promised.

We have a rigid time monitoring system to ensure building owners and managers will always get the hours and service level they paid for.

Call us at 603-459-3788 and we will put together a custom cleaning proposal for you.  Once we complete the initial walk through of your location within 48 hours we can provide a customized detailed commercial cleaning proposal that is guaranteed for 30 days.

We will always offer you the highest cleaning quality standards at the best prices.  We promise to only use cleaning products which have been scientifically proven to be effective.  We will constantly seek to improve our services and provide remarkable customer support.

We will clean before, during or after business hours based on your needs. However, we prefer to perform the service outside of your operating hours so as not to interrupt your business.  If a normal work day happens to be a public holiday, the service will be performed on your following business day.

Prime Facilities Management, LLC is a fully licensed and company.

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Office Cleaning

You spend the majority of the day at your office and a clean work environment can have a significant effect on your productivity.  It is a great relief to know your office cleaning requirements are being professionally looked after.  Having a clean office gives your clients a good impression of your business.  This impression can have a positive impact on your ability to sell your products or services.  Our professional cleaning service is designed to suit your office cleaning needs with minimal interruption to your business.

Medical Cleaning

Providing a clean environment is simply not enough in a medical building.  Cleaning a medical environment is a serious job which involves a lot more than just wiping surfaces and emptying bins.  Proper medical cleaning requires specialized sanitary cleaning practices and medical awareness in order to reduce cross contamination and healthcare associated infections.  Having a medically clean environment also reflects on your image and can positively impact the likelihood of your patients returning.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions have a range of unique cleaning needs, demanding a higher grade of service from commercial cleaners.  Our cleaning services respect the safety and security of your workplace.  Our employee’s are screened with criminal background checks and are specially trained in the cleaning and security needs of financial institutions.  All employees are required to wear uniforms and prominent ID tags for easy identification.  We  offer a storage and disposal program to ensure sensitive documents are not discarded improperly.

Store Front Window Cleaning Service

All of our professional window cleaners are thoroughly trained including instruction on important safety issues.  Our goal is to perform each window cleaning project in our customer’s facilities professionally and safely.  After we are done we will systematically clear the area of our equipment and supplies, and return items to their proper place so while the results are noticeable, the process is not.  We can provide the service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

We Supply all Cleaning Products and Equipment

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    Cleaning Products

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    Mops, Buckets, and Brooms

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    Trash Can Liners

Additional Supplies can be Added at Additional Cost

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    Toilet Tissue

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    Hand Soap

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    Paper Towels

A short list of the specific job specifications we will perform include a detail dust, spot clean walls, clean light switches, clean doors, dust mop & damp mop hard surface floors, clean glass doors, vacuum mats, vacuum carpet, clean & sanitize phones, brush upholstered furniture, empty & remove trash, clean & disinfect restrooms, clean lunchrooms and … the list goes on.  CONTACT US today for a detailed quote on all the services we can provide you.

Prime Facilities Management Pricing

Please see the below pricing examples.

We would love to give you a quick visit to review your personal needs and provide you an estimate.

Our estimate is your quoted price, guaranteed for 30 days.

We rely on our service quality to maintain our contracts, not on the fine print.

Business Office

~ $150 Per Week

~ 5,000 Sq Ft

Medical Office

~ $500 Per Week

~ 10,000 Sq Ft

Financial Institution

~ $175 Per Week

~ 3,000 Sq Ft

Store Front Window Cleaning Service

Starting At
$20 Per Week

Depending on Size of Project

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